About Jeroen van Wijk
Jeroen van Wijk (Ede, 1996) is already taking a camera with him since he was nine years old. With father Fred as his 'teacher' and the Veluwe as his backyard, Jeroen found himself to be in an ideal position to master photographing his greatest interests; mammals, birds and reptiles. Over the years Jeroen has also increasingly been paying attention to capturing landscapes. 
Nowadays, Jeroen is still mostly active on the Veluwe area. However, partly because of his education in Forest and Nature Conservation at Wageningen University & Research, his interests have widened even more, which is why he can also regularly be found in the countryside or in riverine areas. When going on holidays, everything has to be photographed as well. Trips with his family went to areas such as Scandinavia, the Alps and the UK, but for the last few years Jeroen has preferred visiting less popular destinations, such as Georgia, Poland and Ladakh.